What we actually do

  • Gender parity
  • Prevention of violent extremism and drug abuse in prisons and families
  • Advocacy and Human rights promotion
  • Health and nutrition support in prisons
  • Materialistic support to women and their children in prisons
  • Wealth creation and productive skills enhancement
  • Research and documentation
  • De-radicalization of prisoners

Commissioner General of UPS, Dr. Johnson Byabashija,  the commissioner for health, John Bosco,  the Team leader TUNMAPS, Dr. Solomon Musiitwa, and  Government representative, Eunice Assasira, during a pandemic launch in prisons, focusing on HIV/AIDS, TB and Covid 19 pandemic awareness and priventions in Uganda Prisons.

Women prisoners after receiving sanitary materials

An ex-convict and Single mother was recently released from prison after serving her sentence of two years; she lost her husband 6 months after being detained in masaka prison.