What we actually do

  • Gender parity
  • Prevention of violent extremism and drug abuse in prisons and families
  • Advocacy and Human rights promotion
  • Health and nutrition support in prisons
  • Materialistic support to women and their children in prisons
  • Wealth creation and productive skills enhancement
  • Research and documentation
  • De-radicalization of prisoners

Message To Ex-Convict

  • Stay away from anyone who is not a great influence.
  • Consider adopting positive behavior.
  • Whatever job you get, do your very best.
  • Be thankful every day.
    “No one is immune about being sentenced, but we continue living in adherence to life of imprisonment”

Commissioner General of UPS, Dr. Johnson Byabashija,  the commissioner for health, John Bosco,  the Team leader TUNMAPS, Dr. Solomon Musiitwa, and  Government representative, Eunice Assasira, during a pandemic launch in prisons, focusing on HIV/AIDS, TB and Covid 19 pandemic awareness and priventions in Uganda Prisons.

Women prisoners after receiving sanitary materials

An ex-convict and Single mother was recently released from prison after serving her sentence of two years; she lost her husband 6 months after being detained in masaka prison.

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